What to Expect

What to Expect

The Way Baptist Church is a family oriented congregation. Regardless of your age or background you will receive a warm welcome from our kind members and find a meeting to attend to your needs. We also welcome you to enjoy some refreshments after the service and a time of fellowship.

Our Sunday Service begins with a prayer and scripture reading followed by the singing of Christian Hymns together. Church announcements are then made followed by a message from the Word of God. At this time, all other meetings intended for particular audiences will also commence.

We are incredibly blessed to have such a variety of skills within our Church. This allows us to run meetings which cater for many needs. Our meetings include:

  • Worship Service every Sunday.
  • Sunday School classes for children from Prep to Grade 6.
  • Sunday message for Arabic speaking people.
  • Bible Study and Prayer every Wednesday evening.
  • Youth Meetings for Year 7 – 10 twice a month.
  • Young Adults Meeting twice a month.
  • Ladies Meeting once a month.

We also offer Discipleship classes and one-on-one Discipleship for all ages to help you discover the essential doctrines and teaching of the Bible.