Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School Ministry

“…Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

At The Way Baptist Church, we believe in providing children with a caring and nurturing environment where they experience the love of Christ and learn Biblical truths. Our prayer is that each child will grow and respond to a personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ when led by the Holy Spirit.

Our Nursery to Preschool class (ages 0-4) offers a place where dedicated and nurturing teachers provide care for your child. The children learn about God and His love for them through engaging in Biblical stories that are taught through storytelling, craft activities and music.

Our Junior Primary class (Grade Prep – Grade 3) is designed to teach children the truths of Scripture through storytelling, music and hands on activities that encourage participation. They learn about what it means to follow Jesus in their daily lives. They learn about and grow in the knowledge of God’s love for them and how they can love others. They also learn about God’s character and the characteristics of Biblical figures in Scripture. The children are encouraged to memorise Scripture verses and they also learn songs that instil Biblical principles.

Our Senior Primary class (Grade 4 – Grade 6) follows a similar structure to junior primary, however they are encouraged to go deeper into Scripture and are encouraged develop independence in reading Scripture daily. Our Senior Primary class teaches children how to become strong and effective followers of Christ.

We warmly welcome new families and their children to participate in these classes as we seek to strengthen the next generation with the Word of God.